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2015 WEEK 13: TOP 100
# GameInfoHits
1. WakeboardingThis game uses Flash.282
2. Helicopter Gamekeep your copter in the air by southcoastThis game uses Java.59
3. Race Racerbig-car supersprint with lots of levels & strategy by Tom MaundThis game uses Flash.55
4. Tennis GameCracking arcade tennis game by gamedesignThis game uses Flash.27
5. Stunt RacerNeeds a fast computer to play - full 3d stunt game by opensourceThis game uses Shockwave.25
6. Candystand Mini GolfInnovative crazy golf sim - good fun! by CandystandThis game uses Shockwave.24
7. Rich RacerSuper little 3d competitive racer by titoonicThis game uses Shockwave.23
8. Bill Xtreme SnowboardingBill in the annual king of the hill snowboarding championships. by Stacey GreenawayThis game uses Flash.22
9. Commando 2Frenetic battlefield strategy-laced action by theflashgamerThis game uses Flash.22
10. Arctic 3D Racer3D snow racer by CandystandThis game uses Shockwave.15
11. Desert BattleThrust like desert copter warfare by unoriginalThis game uses Flash.15
12. Flash Cricketcool cricket batting game with lots of different scanerios by MousebreakerThis game uses Flash.15
13. Stick Cricketcool game of cricket with stickmen, nice. by stickcricket.comThis game uses Flash.15
14. Kilroy 2Superb action shooter, great 3d action by freegThis game uses Shockwave.14
15. Last Man Standing4 different and tricky cricketing scenarios by bbcThis game uses Flash.14
16. The Bee Movie GameOdd honey collecting game by jerkeyThis game uses Flash.13
17. 3D Billiardsflashy 3D pool game - with addictive highscores by nabiscoworldThis game uses Flash.12
18. Bouncing (Spindizzy)smaller spindizzy but tougher! by JussiThis game uses Java.12
19. Tangled: Double TroubleSlick platformer where you play 4 large levels. by DisneyThis game uses Flash.12
20. Super Bowlingsimple 10 pin bowling games with high scores by Smilie gamesThis game uses Flash.12
21. LeversSubtle balancing game with coathangers and bizarre objects! by vector parkThis game uses Flash.11
22. GirpAwesome agility climbing game against the clock. by foddyThis game uses Flash.11
23. Boom VolleyballVolley the bombs over the net, complete level 5 and play the game topless. by www.miniclip.comThis game uses Flash.This game is multiplayer across the Internet.11
24. Santa SleddingGuide santa down the slope avoiding obstacles and collecting presents. by www.miniclip.comThis game uses Flash.11
25. SimGirlweird manga girlffriend simulator by dunnoThis game uses Flash.11
26. Table Tennistable tennis - really cool! by miniclipsThis game uses Shockwave.10
27. Concrete Dreamsbig & slow to load but great game by concrete dreamsThis game uses Java.10
28. SantaballsThis game uses Shockwave.10
29. The Ashes GameBat, bowl & field in cool Ashes battles by Luke WhittakerThis game uses Flash.10
30. Toy Story DayCare DashPuzzling Platformer by DisneyThis game uses Flash.10
31. npower Cricketsimple yet decent cricket batting game by npowerThis game uses Flash.10
32. BumperballDodgems on ice? by bumperballThis game uses Flash.10
33. Rural RacerThis game uses Flash.This game is multiplayer across the Internet.10
34. Prince of Persiavery close replica of the original by ubisoftThis game uses Flash.9
35. PeggleArkanoid updated for the 21st century by popcapThis game uses Shockwave.9
36. Alias RunnerItalian 3d city chase game, superb! by officine pixel9
37. Neon Riderrocking 2d bike riding game by armorThis game uses Flash.9
38. Tempestfast classic arcade action by Nick D ArcyThis game uses Java.9
39. WarbearsFunny arcade puzzler by FlabberThis game uses Shockwave.9
40. Blast Billiardspot before they explode by game uses Flash.9
41. KafkamestoHuge adventure mystery game by abcThis game uses Shockwave.9
42. Desert RacerFast 3d racing through desert! watch for sheep! by tbcThis game uses Shockwave.9
43. Pretty Good Pooldecent pool game with decent computer opponent by clevermediaThis game uses Java.9
44. Crashcrashing game by ShockwaveThis game uses Shockwave.9
45. Create The HakaCreate your own Haka Lions style by Sure for menThis game uses Flash.9
46. PitfallBoulderdash clone by Plutonium GamesThis game uses Java.9
47. Guess The Bra SizeCelebs, does what it says on the tin! by zipperfishThis game uses Flash.9
48. Teawamutu SnookerSimple but very basic snooker sim by TeawamutuThis game uses Shockwave.9
49. CommandoDropped behind enemy lines, shoot your way to rescuing war hostages. by capcomThis game uses Java.9
50. Speed Trialwicked 3d lego racing game by andrew gowerThis game uses Java.8
51. TronClassic 3D Tron - great conversion by This game uses Shockwave.8
52. Kicking Kingskick for goal - quite tough by bbcThis game uses Flash.8
53. Super Free Kickvery tough free kick game by The FAThis game uses Flash.8
54. Monster TrucksMonster truck racing game, funky & tricky by miniclipThis game uses Flash.8
55. The Last DalekArcade adventure where you play the last dalek by bbcThis game uses Flash.8
56. Diner DashYou run a diner, keep the customers happy and make some money! by shockwaveThis game uses Shockwave.8
57. Karoshi 2.0You must kill yourself, easier said than done. by yoyoThis game uses Flash.8
58. Shrek ShredsOfficial Shrek skateboarding game by dreamworksThis game uses Flash.8
59. Ring ManiaA circular nuclear tetris by media geckoThis game uses Flash.8
60. SailingSummer sailing fun sailing game by sunsailThis game uses Flash.8
61. Astroball3D Squash jigsaw arcade game by game uses Shockwave.8
62. Grand Prix Racergrand prix racing, but dull by jagexThis game uses Flash.8
63. Boobs, Butt or Shoulder?Guessing game with US comic overtones by zipperfishThis game uses Flash.8
64. Face TransformerUpload a photo and have it transformed! by University of St AndrewsThis game uses Java.8
65. alien xAwesome 3d quake-esque first person shooter by 3D GrooveThis game uses Shockwave.7
66. Mini Air Hockeycrazy reinvention of the old classic, pong, but with minis, a puck, goals and other surprises! by game uses Flash.7
67. Fast Froots MarioKarter3d mariokart-alike, very impressive by fastfrootsThis game uses Flash.7
68. RC Rally3d carts game by candystandThis game uses Shockwave.7
69. BMX HighlandsLatest take on the biking action sporter by teagamesThis game uses Flash.7
70. FroggerThis 80's Classic needs no explanation! by tripletsThis game uses Shockwave.7
71. Pedal to the MetalScalextric head to head and challenge a friend by batteryThis game uses Flash.7
72. AcrobotsIt's a load of acrobatic bots in a box. by AcrobotsThis game uses Flash.7
73. BMX ParkIt's stunt riding on the web! by cbcThis game uses Flash.7
74. Indestructo TankYou're indestructible, use bombs to crash enemy planes by armor gamesThis game uses Flash.7
75. Canyon Gliderglider game by miniclipThis game uses Flash.7
76. Sabre GolfCute little awkward golf game by FreeArcade.comThis game uses Java.7
77. Desert RallySimple Outrun-style racing game by ClevermediaThis game uses Shockwave.7
78. Backlashdodgems, last one standing! by bamseThis game uses Shockwave.7
79. Globuloslots of little sporty multiplayer globs games, very addictive by globulosThis game uses Flash.This game is multiplayer across the Internet.7
80. Rescue Mission3d myst-likepuzzle adventure by sonyThis game uses Shockwave.6
81. Super Handballsquash with your (big) hands. tough and addictive by flashgamesThis game uses Flash.6
82. Fill ItDecent and very addictive Zolyx clone by UproarThis game uses Shockwave.6
83. Xtreme Snowboardingsnowboarding jump moves game by yamagoThis game uses Flash.6
84. Mini Jeugoscool little mouse puzzler by jeugosThis game uses Flash.6
85. Turbo Spirit XT3D Bike racing by neodelightThis game uses Flash.6
86. Super Web Soccerfunky 3d retro game by Radical PlayThis game uses Java.6
87. Smashing Cannonballscannonball arcade blast by officine pixelThis game uses Flash.6
88. VXR Racersupersprint head to head by vauxhallThis game uses Flash.6
89. Hyper Jet Racingwipeout style ultrafast futuristic racing game by clevermediaThis game uses Shockwave.6
90. Turbo Spiritfunky bike racer by neodelightThis game uses Flash.6
91. Kick UpsInfuriating version of keepy ups by SpikythingThis game uses Shockwave.6
92. Spam Spam Spam SpamFight for the French or English by spamThis game uses Flash.6
93. Pepere's Caravan Parkingpark your caravan - tricky! by adventures of pepereThis game uses Flash.6
94. Makei Hockey KeeperSave the shots to build a high score by makei mediaThis game uses Flash.6
95. Tir a l'arcshoot the stickmen & targets before they get you! by MP CorporationThis game uses Flash.6
96. Bilbanan ScalextricBuild your own scalextric track and then race against the parrot! by BilbananThis game uses Shockwave.5
97. Beach Tennisvolleyball not tennis, girls go topless if you do well by dunnoThis game uses Shockwave.5
98. Mission at DawnCool safety rescue helicopter mission by freeworldgroupThis game uses Shockwave.5
99. Vehicle 2toy vehicle terrain tester by eigelbThis game uses Java.5
100. Puki: The SwarmCute but dangerous killer babies. by gskinnerThis game uses Flash.5
# GameHits
321. Girp11
320. Neon Rider9
319. Super Bowling12
318. Create The Haka9
317. Tangled: Double Trouble12
316. Toy Story DayCare Dash10
315. Ice Track Derby4
314. The Bee Movie Game13
313. Shrek Shreds8
312. Super Web Soccer6

Category: Retro Arcade
Karoshi 2.0
You must kill yourself, easier said than done., by yoyo
Weekly Wins:0

# GameWW's
1. Bill Xtreme Snowboarding215
2. Skate Rage54
3. npower Cricket41
4. Guess The Bra Size32
5. Alias Runner28
6. SimGirl21
7. Xtreme Snowboarding21
9. Stick Cricket12
10. Boobs, Butt or Shoulder?10

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